ProcureSafe™ simplifies Supplier Management for organizations that want to automate the sourcing, bidding, and contract process.


So how do buyers efficiently manage information from countless suppliers all vying for the same business?

With the power of Community

ProcureSafe’s™ Community can empower buyers by allowing collaboration with other buyers. Now a buyer’s favorite supplier can become another buyers favorite.

ProcureSafe’s™ Community also offers huge savings with already procured and negotiated contracts that are fully compliant with most public and private procurement policies. These competitively bid and awarded contracts are with superior suppliers that have been fully vetted by expert procurement professionals.

Statistics show 80% of American companies have outdated processes to manually manage:

  • Suppliers
  • Bids and RFQ's
  • Contracts
  • Expenses

Today's corporate buyers and purchasing authorities are inundated by supplier sales calls. They have limited time to research prospective suppliers to determine if they can benefit from better pricing or functionality. And with the large number of items that buyers typically purchase, the supplier maintains an advantage.

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Supplier Management

ProcureSafe's™ Supplier Management System gives buyers an automated platform to manage new and existing suppliers.

Fortune 500 Companies invest millions in supplier and contract management. Now, procurement professionals from all organizations can automate storage and retrieval of critical supplier data at a fraction of the cost. Leveraging integrated platforms that offer visibility to supplier quotes, contracts and qualifications anywhere, anytime.

  • Store all existing supplier data in a convenient database designed for companywide collaboration.
  • Gain access to hundreds of pre-qualified suppliers that are fully vetted and approved.
  • Track prospective suppliers by publishing a Supplier Registration Link on your company website.
  • ProcureSafe's Marketplace gives buyers the Competitive Edge.
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Bid Management

ProcureSafe's™ Bid Manager System enables buyers to create and send custom requests for quotes in just minutes to any supplier in our entire Community - or invite your own.

Many companies and government entities waste countless hours filling out paperwork and managing the bidding process to comply with policy – ProcureSafe’s Bid Manager can do all of the work for you. From searching for qualified suppliers to comparing quote details, ProcureSafe makes it simple. Without the burden of manual processing, organizations can perform even more bid requests and leave more room in the budget. According to national studies, buyers can reduce costs by 26% when multi-sourcing. Why continue paying retail rates when you can conduct a bid in only minutes, and receive products for a fraction of the cost?

  • Gain access to hundreds of pre-qualified suppliers that are fully vetted and approved.
  • Send requests for quotes in only minutes.
  • Compare quote responses and details easily.
  • Track previous quotes and maintain all information in a secure database.
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Contract Management

Contracts are hard enough to negotiate, but managing them is even harder.

ProcureSafe's™ Contract Manager is a cloud enabled platform that allows organizations to track and store contracts in a central web based repository.

  • Find expiring or renewing contracts instantly.
  • Set email alerts and get alerts 180, 90, and 30 days away from expiration.
  • Track contract compliance and reduce risk.
  • Secure document upload and safe keeping storage repository.
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Professional Services

Not enough time to get organized? We can help

ProcureSafe™ has all the resources your company needs to transform the spreadsheets and emails into a fully integrated platform that offers instant visibility to critical supplier information.

Our expert staff will:

  • Assist with supplier data collection, verification and implementation.
  • Assist with contract collection and indexing.
  • Activate contract expiration alerts.
  • Help create a professional Supplier Registry.

Get started today.

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